Once were Roman's

Love and passion for Oyster bring 2 market leaders give birth to a brand of the best quality selection, destined to change the way of eating this delicious food.

The selection of seven different products, all included under the same brand, provide a unique taste itinerary of Land and Sea, starting from Normandy and terminating at the Mediterranean, Passing trough Brittany and the Marennes d'Orelon.


Historically Roman emperors were the first to be fond of Oysters. For our ancestors a banquet without oysters was not worthy of this name.
Romans love for sea food was such that the "lex Aemilia" of 115 B.C., forbade them being served at banquets.
However as all sumptuary laws, this one was also disregarded and 7 years later, the first oyster farm was established on a large scale.
The most famous consumer of oysters was emperor Nero, of which "Giovenale" in his IV satire writes: "Circe nata florint, out Lucrino ad sauri, Rutupinoae editae fundo Ostrea, callebat primo dependere morsa".
In other words, Nero only needed a taste of oysters to immediately know where they came from.
From a centuries culinary tradition, comes an extraordinary oyster experience which has been handed down to us, and whose name is ROMAN'S.

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